Fixed Rate

This plan benefits your business with:

  • Fixed monthly electricity rates to help you control overheads
  • Economies of scale if you have consistently have high usage each day/week

Recommended for: Businesses in manufacturing and factories with high volumes of production

We assist in optimizing your budget and power usage. A detailed proposal and estimated electricity cost-saving plan will reach you within two business days.

Discount Off Tariff Rate

This plan benefits your business with:

  • Guaranteed savings off the prevailing tariff (electricity) rates
  • Certainty in your monthly budgeting and spending
  • Locked-in discounts off monthly electricity bills

Recommended for: Businesses which have varying volumes of use in the work week. E.g You work from a small shophouse, have off-peak usage periods, etc. With the DOT Plan, you enjoy guaranteed savings over four or more quarters.

Ask us for a detailed proposal when you send us your existing electricity bills. We will return with a detailed cost-saving proposal within two business days.


Need help choosing the right plan for your business?