Frequent Asked Questions

By choosing either our Fixed or Discount-of-Tariff (DOT) plans, you immediately benefit from cost-savings through a price structure which either maximises your production cost/usage, or if you’re a small business owner, guaranteed monthly savings off your utility bill.

Why wait when you are able to START SAVING NOW?

If your current provider is SP Services (Singapore Power), you can
switch to Charis Electric in three steps:-


1. Change your category status in the SP Services system to “contestable” :- When you change your customer category status in the SP Services database from ‘non-contestable’ to ‘contestable,’ you are immediately eligible to have Charis as your electricity provider. Our sales representatives will help you in the process and submit applications on your behalf.

2.Arrange for Meter Installation:-  SP Services will schedule and advise on the meter installation and PowerGrid will install the meters.

3Enjoy Monthly Savings:-Once your eligibility as a contestable customer is approved by SP, your electricity account can be switched over to Charis Electric to enjoy savings for your electricity cost.

Since 2001, Singapore electricity market has been opening up in stages.

What this means is that businesses which have a minumum electricity monthly usage of 2,000kWh (or a monthly bill of about $380) can purchase their electricity from licensed electricity retailers at discounted prices with monthly savings.

Through the Increased Retail Contestability Plus (IRC+) initiative which launched in July 2015, small businesses with a monthly electricity consumption of 2,000kWh (monthly bill of about $380) have been eligible to purchase their electricity from any licensed electricity retailer like Charis Electric or from the wholesale electricity market other than SP Services.

Come 2018, Full Retail Contestability will open the electricity market to allow all consumers, including homeowners, in Singapore the option and choice to purchase electricity from a licensed electrical retailer. This extends the benefit of monthly savings and fixed discounts to the domestic consumer market.